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Why You Should Invest in Physical Marketing Materials

Why You Should Invest in Physical Marketing Materials

Though the digital space is booming, the value of physical marketing is still alive and well. Click here to learn why you should invest in physical marketing materials.

Digital marketing may be the newest thing in small business promotion, but newer isn't always better. For small and local businesses, print marketing can be a more successful tactic for standing out and attracting new customers.

Customers are so overwhelmed with digital ads and email promotions. If that's what you're relying on to promote your business, it can be easy to get lost in the mix. Most digital ads are also easily forgotten because as soon as someone clicks on to a new webpage, one ad is replaced by another.

Physical marketing materials are a more efficient way to make a lasting impression, and to reach audiences who will become patrons. With print marketing, you can more easily express what it is that makes your business unique from competitors.

Below, we're sharing the top reasons why you should invest in print materials as part of your marketing strategy. Read on!

1. Lasts Longer

The average person stays on a particular website for less than one minute. Within that time, they're trying to find the answer to their question or browse products or find contact information or a million other things. They're not spending a lot of time reading ads.

Physical marketing is different. When someone has a physical piece of collateral in their hands, that's probably the only thing they're focused on. They can take their time reading it and understanding its message.

The longer a customer spends consuming information about you, the more likely they are to seek out your business to fulfill their needs.

2. Is Easier to Customize

Digital ads come with a lot of constraints, from color choice to word count. It can hard for small and local businesses to accurately communicate what it is that makes them different or special or the best choice for a particular customer.

With print materials like fliers, brochures with different folds, or mailers, you have more flexibility with your design and your content. You don't want to write a book--too much copy will overwhelm people--but you can be more creative in communicating your message.

You can also explore different design elements such as pictures or illustrations. Having strong art elements in a great way to represent what your business does, with visual proof to back in up.

3. More Engaging for the Customer

When you're considering physical marketing items, you can think beyond what's tradition and create items that are fun and engaging for your customer. Physical marketing collateral can include everything from buttons and pins to Frisbees or toys.

Even if these items just include your name and contact information, you're still ensuring more customer interaction which could then lead to more business.

Ready to Start Creating Physical Marketing Materials?

It's fine for your marketing strategy to include a mix of digital and physical marketing materials, but you want to be sure that you're creating some items that you can put in customers' hands. You'll have more opportunities to represent your business accurately, and it will increase someone's engagement with your brand.

For more information on creating physical marketing collateral that works for you, please contact us at any time



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