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How to Maintain your MBM 98M Paper Folding Machine

How to Maintain your MBM 98M Paper Folding Machine

A 98M is a Light-Duty Paper Folder. If you use your machine heavily, you might want to consider cleaning your rollers at least once a month. After quite a bit of usage you can even replace the feed tire for your 98M. It is very easy to do.

If you don’t already have a maintenance kit, it would be a good idea to get one here.

We have a video on how to maintain the 98M’s predecessor the 93M right here:

Here is a list of the components and maintenance instructions that come with your kit:

Whitaker Brothers Roller Cleaner

Use at least once a month.  Spray roller cleaner on to the applicator pad and wipe down the black fold rollers. You can advance the rollers to get to the hidden sections with little effort using your hand. (Remember to use gloves to protect your hands).  If you’ve done it correctly, toner residue will be clearly visible on the applicator pad.


Toner residue causes permanent and irreversible damage to paper folder rollers.  Please apply roller cleaner regularly to maximize the lifespan of your paper folder.


Applicator Pad

To be used in conjunction with Roller Cleaner.  Use the abrasive side of the applicator pad to remove toner build-up.  Follow up with the softer side to absorb any remaining toner or roller cleaner.  Although the pad will eventually turn dark from absorbing toner, it will remain functional.


Back-Up Feed Tire Assembly

Eventually due to standard operation, the primary feed tire will wear out. The main symptom of this is an increase in the frequency of feed failures.


Removing the feed tire assembly:  The feed tire is found by lifting the top cover of the paper folder (if your paper folder does not have a top cover, the feed tire and assembly should already be visible).  Place your fingers underneath the sheath where the paper disappears and lift.  The feed tire and its assembly will be exposed.  To remove the tire, grab the metal bar that holds it and push it to either side – one of those sides will have a little ‘give’, which will allow the opposite side of the bar to slide out of the machine.


Reinserting the feed tire assembly:  To put a new feed tire assembly in, look for the side of the metal bar with a spring on it.  Insert that side first into the same hole that you removed the old one from.  If both sides fit in perfectly then the assembly has been replaced.  If one side doesn’t fit properly, just swap sides and insert the metal bar into the other hole.


If you have difficulty or would like specific instructions for your model, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-243-9226 or fill out the contact form.


Best Practices


*Although toner being absorbed into the rollers is an unavoidable part of folding paper, you can reduce the amount of toner that goes through the machine by giving your paper time to sit and dry after being printed.  If your process doesn’t allow time for that, you may want to consider getting a Paper Jogger. Joggers are inexpensive, off-line machines that eliminate static and dry toner very quickly so that the paper can be folded soon after being printed.


*The fold plates are removable. Lifting up and pulling out will release them and allow clearing of any jams.  It can be tough to find the “sweet spot” when reinserting the fold plates, but remember that very little effort is needed to put them back into place, and they will feel secure when positioned correctly.

*If you ever run into constant misfeeding, before you clean the rollers or replace the feeder tire, check to make sure you inserted the paper underneath the feed tire.  In most paper folders this is done by pushing down on the paper tray and letting the stack of paper slide forward a little bit. On the higher end paper folders there is a lever that you pull or push which brings the tray down. This is one of the leading causes of unnecessary service calls on paper folders.

Make sure to share this post with your colleagues so they know how to maintain your folder as well!

If you keep a regular maintenance schedule for your MBM 98M, you should have a healthy and happy machine that will last you for a solid few years. If you overuse this light-duty model and fail to maintain it properly, then it will not serve you to the fullest.

Check out our Blog Post, Beginners Tips for Operating a Brochure Folding Machine. These tips will help you understand the mechanisms in a paper folder machine. Once you understand how simple and easy these machines are, they will become a necessity in your office!

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Don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call at 800-243-9226 if you have any questions!


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