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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Paper Folding Machine

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Paper Folding Machine


What if you could save time and a ton of effort when it comes to folding paper?

From mass mailing to Sunday Mass, different organizations have found folding paper to be an annoying and time-consuming effort. That's what makes a paper folding machine such a great investment.

Picking the right folding machine can be a real game-changer. That's why we prepared a comprehensive guide to picking the absolute best!

Know Your Needs

The first step in picking the right folding machine is knowing what kind of folds you need. The "standard" fold styles include the half fold, double parallel fold, letter fold, Z-fold, and right angle fold.

If you need one or more of the above folds, then any folding machine will do. If you will need custom folds or something more complex (like a cross or baronial fold), though, it's important to pick a model which can manually set folds.

Singles or Sets

Some organizations primarily need to fold one page at a time. For such organizations, an automatic feed paper folding machine will work just fine.

However, it can become time-consuming if you are folding multiple different documents. To save time, you'll need to pick either a manual feed folding machine or an automatic machine that has a manual setting.

When making this decision, don't just focus on the here and now. If you think you'll ever need to fold different sets of documents in the next few years, it's good to go ahead and give yourself the versatility of a more complex folding machine.

What Size Paper?

Here's a simple question that's quite important: what size paper will you be using? If it's no bigger than legal size paper, then a standard folding machine will do.

If you need to fold documents up to 11" x 17", you may need a large format machine. And for paper up to 36" wide, you'll need a wide format machine.

Any Glossy Paper?

Most of this guide assumes you are using standard types of paper. If the paper is glossy, though, that changes a few things.

Basically, very few automated folding machines can handle glossy paper. If you need to fold such paper, then you are best off getting an air vacuum folding machine.

How Fast Do You Need Them?

Earlier, we talked about whether you would need to load only single pages at a time or multiple sets of pages. The next big question, though: how many do you need to fold in a short amount of time?

A standard office folder, for instance, can fold up to 12,000 sheets in a single hour. However, a heavy duty folder can handle up to 18,000 sheets in the same period of time.

Most smaller organizations are just fine using a standard folder. However, if you have a larger business in which mass mailing is a key aspect, it may be worth getting the heavy duty folding machine.

Picking a Paper Folding Machine: The Bottom Line

You know now how to pick the best paper folding machine. But do you know where you can buy the one you need?

At Paper Folder Pro, we're the best name in the business. And we are here to save you time and money with the best folding machines and accessories.

To see how we can transform your business, contact us today!



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