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How to Start a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

How to Start a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Launching your first direct mail marketing campaign? Here are several tips, tricks, and supplies to get started.

A highly targeted direct mail marketing campaign is sure to gain attention and rev up business in all the right ways. It's vital, then, that your company or business employs the right elements to maximize returns.

Below, we've pulled together some of the winning characteristics of a successful campaign that will impact audiences and drives business.

Elements of a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Moving forward in this article, we'll assume your business has already done a few necessary things:

First, we'll assume that you have an established service or product (this isn't the article that will teach you how to establish those). If not, do a little research on developing a product first.

Second, we hope you have a firm grasp on your target audience, including research into where they consume their media and what resources catch their eye. We'll assume you have a list of contacts or people worth reaching out to, as well.

Where do you go from there?

Develop Quality Content

Your product or service is undoubtedly solving a problem for your customer. The content you reach them with must share the benefit of this solution and highlight the ways it can positively impact their lives.

Content should be error-free and developed by competent writers who understand the market and audience. In addition, content should be brief and impactful, again, relying on the benefit of your product or service to gain audience interest and trust.

A Striking Design

Chances are you'll have the attention of your audience for only a short while (just look at online marketing) and so should take every opportunity to catch their eye.

A design that speaks well on your topic and positively reflects company vision will be the most bang for your buck.

Whether you're developing mailers, postcards, or letters (or anything else) in your campaign, you can look to successful competitor campaigns for inspiration.

The Right Direct Mail Medium

Your campaign can rely on a variety of different media to reach its audience, and knowing which one they'll respond to best should be a top priority.

A brochure, such as a trifold, is an excellent way to share information in a visually pleasing format. It does have its own restrictions, such as limited margins, but it may be a better option than a simple letter. Or perhaps a booklet is even better?

Your audience and topic ultimately determine the medium.

Proper Equipment

Whatever direct mail medium you choose, you should make sure the quality extends into the production. Otherwise, the stellar content and the awesome design won't take your marketing nearly as far.

Invest in quality printers and paper, ensuring you do research on all your options long before you print. Consider a decent paper folding machine that can be used to create various direct mail marketing collateral.

Creating Campaigns That Drive Business

A successful direct mail marketing campaign will employ great content and design in the proper medium using quality materials.

The ultimate goal is to ensure your service or product reaches its audience and leaves an impact on their lives in a short amount of time.

Need more insight on proper equipment for your direct mail campaign? Contact us here to get a conversation started with the dedicated industry professionals at Paper Folder Pro!


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