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How to Create Great Flyers for School Plays

How to Create Great Flyers for School Plays

Are you in charge of advertising your school play and want to create a flyer that will bring in as many people as possible? If so, here's a handy guide on how to create wonderful school flyers.


So you have to make some school flyers, huh? Sounds pretty easy...except you may not be the most creatively inclined.

And now you're freaking out because you need them by tomorrow.

First off, deep breath. You'll make it through this.

Second, we have the tools and the know-how to get your creative juices flowing and help you make your flyers in time to hand them out to the public. Keep reading to find out how you can make it happen.

Simplicity is Key

We don't live in the time of Shakespeare anymore. Going on with lengthy and flashy sentences does not catch the public eye anymore.

What you write is important because it is the main focus of your paper.

If you want to bring in the crowd, use short, direct sentences. People have a short attention span these days, and they want to have content given to them in the most efficient way possible.

Not only should the sentences be direct, but the word choice should be simple as well. Think of it this way: if you had to look it up in a dictionary or Googled it, there's a very good chance it shouldn't be in the flyer.

Make Your School Flyer Exciting

Just because you need to have simple sentences doesn't mean you have to have boring ones.

Your words should pop and be have a life of their own on the flyer. You should have fun with them and give them creativity.

Exclamation points are always a great way to start. They're a clear way of showing excitement in your flyer, and excitement attracts interest.

Another thing that you could do is play with size and color. The bigger and more colorful the word is, the more attracted the reader will be to it, so you'll want to use this to draw their attention to the most important parts of the flyer.

It also wouldn't hurt to play with font style as well. There are a ton of different fonts out there, and each one portrays its own unique tone to the reader. Try them out and see which one fits the vibe of your flyer best.


Add All the Pics

This is way more than sticking some gritty, low-quality picture to the page (although you should make sure that doesn't happen).

No flyer is complete without a bomb image. Of course, it should be something that relates to the event you're making the flyer for, but just like with the words, don't be afraid to get creative.

We recommend adding a picture to the background and one or two to the foreground, so that way your flyer doesn't get too clogged with images and they still help to excite the people into buying tickets to your school play.

Come Check us Out

No matter how you do your school flyer, you can be sure it's gonna rock. Why not take it one step further and use one of our paper folding machines?

Our paper folding machines are great for those who have too many papers to fold and not enough hands to fold them, so they'll be perfect for taking care of that mountain of flyers.

We have many types of folding machines ranging from light duty to the industrial standard heavy duty.

Not sure about which product to choose? No worries! Just send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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