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How To Choose The Best Paper Folding Machine For Your Business

How To Choose The Best Paper Folding Machine For Your Business

It's no secret that running a successful business isn't cheap. In fact, the average office spends more than $2,000 on supplies and equipment for each employee that they have.

With such a large amount of money on the line, it's essential to make sure that you're choosing the right equipment for your office.

If you're in the market for a folding machine for your office, keep reading. We're breaking down what you need to consider and what your options are, to help you make the most of your investment.

Decide What Your Folding Machine's Workload Will Be

Before you can start shopping for the right folding machine for your office, you need to think about how much folding your machine will be doing.

For instance, if you're running a very small office and only need an occasional paper folded, a small paper folder may do the trick.

These take up very little space and are much less expensive than more heavy-duty alternatives. You can place a small paper folder right on the surface of a desk, or stow it away in a drawer or cabinet when it's not in use.

But if your office is going to be folding large amounts of paper, a small folder won't work. Instead, you'll need one capable of quickly and efficiently folding larger workloads.

If you know that you'll need stacks of paper folded fast, the speed of a potential folder should also be one of your considerations.

Knowing exactly what your business' needs are before you start shopping will help you pick the perfect folding machine for your office space.

Think About Your Office Space

Aside from considering the amount of work your paper folding machine will be doing, you also need to consider where you'll be storing your machine.

While a large air folder can tackle massive projects in record time, it also takes up a lot of space. In small offices, this can be a serious issue.

If you don't have the ability to expand your space or have a space that you're ready to dedicate to whatever size paper folder you choose, you may need to change your options based on what can fit in your office.

If you have a small office, you know that you need to make the most of every bit of space you have.

Luckily, there are heavy-duty and medium-duty machine options that take up less space than larger models, while still having the capacity to handle your workload fast.

Consider Your Fold Adjustment Style

Once you've figured out what your office's folding needs are and how much space you have for your new folding machine, it's time to consider which adjustment style you prefer.

The two adjustment styles are manual fold and automatic fold.

Manual Folding

With manual fold, you'll need to manually adjust your machine for each type of fold. For instance, if you have a stack of paper, and one half needs to be folded horizontally and the other half needs to be folded vertically, you'd need to split your job in half.

You could set up your machine for the vertical fold, then load the paper that needs to be folded in that direction. Then, you would need to manually reset the machine for the second half of your folding job.

If you don't have a high-flow of paper that needs to be folded in your office, or you have a secretary in charge of folding, this may not be a problem. Choosing a manual paper folder can save you some money compared to automatic folding options.

Automatic Folding

Automatic paper folding machines cost more than manual folding versions. But they also make the folding process faster and easier.

If you need multiple types of folds in one job, all you'll need to do is program your machine and load the entire job into the folder. The machine will then adjust to make each of the unique folds that you requested.

This will take a bit of learning to make sure that you are properly programming your machine to get each fo the folds that you need. But once you get the hang of it, completing large, complex fold jobs becomes very simple.

This also eliminates the need for a dedicated employee to tackle each folding job. Anyone can quickly set up the automatic paper folding machine, and let it go while they work on other things.

Choose Your Feed Style

In addition to choosing your folding style for your paper folding machine, you'll also need to choose your feed style.

Most folding machines use a tray and rollers to shift stacks of paper and feed them into the folder. But this can sometimes cause friction and jams. Cleaning up a jam can be an annoying, time-consuming process.

But an air fed machine uses suction to feed paper into the paper folder. The result is a faster, friction-less job that won't jam as easily. While air fed machines do cost more than traditional models, they are ideal for offices that need a lot of folding and don't want to deal with delays caused by jams.

Choosing the Best Folding Machine for Your Business

Choosing the perfect folding machine for your office doesn't have to be a challenge.

Now that you know the differences between air fed, automatic, and manual paper folding machines, you can narrow down your options and choose the right one.

Be sure to take the time to really consider how each option might work for your business.

After all, a paper folder is a great investment. With proper care and maintenance, it can serve your office for years to come. So choosing one that will continue to meet your office's needs is essential.

If you're ready to start shopping for the perfect paper folder for your office, start shopping our most popular models today.

We offer a variety of air fed, automatic, and manual paper folders in a variety of sizes and options. This means that there is a size and option for every need and budget.


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