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6 Scenarios in Which You'll Need a Folding Device

6 Scenarios in Which You'll Need a Folding Device

Taking the time out of your day to neatly fold the documents is one thing. Getting a perfect fold every time is a different thing. A folding device comes in handy for many professional uses today, saving time and resources and ensuring quality.

Not convinced?

Below, we'll cover six scenarios where a folding device will save you time and stress in the modern workplace.

When a Folding Device Comes in Handy

You don't really expect you'll need one until it's absolutely needed--which, of course, is when it's too late. Here are some situations you could definitely use the help of a machine to get multiple perfectly folded documents:

1. When You Need Brochures

A trifold brochure is classy and useful in all different types of professional endeavors. You can keep them in your office to give to potential customers who drop by. You can pass them out at events or conferences.

You'll probably want your brochure to be perfect, considering they're the takeaway representing all that your business is. Don't rely on human hands for that.

2. When You Need a Bunch of Brochures

There's a massive event coming up, or you've just been invited to a conference the day of. It's time to fire up the printer and the folding device.

You'll want your brochures to be perfect, and you'll need at least a hundred or more, right? That's a lot of stress and time spent on folding the perfect fold. And you'll need to do that hundreds of times over.

3. Name Cards

You might very well need folded name cards for meetings or else paper slips for nameplates. The folding machine has various settings to fold down the paper in a variety of useful ways (other than a single fold over).

4. Booklets

If there's ever a need for booklets, enough to have them printed off and dispersed, then there will be plenty that need folding. Is it worth the money spent paying someone to fold pages in half when a machine can do it in seconds?

5. Impromptu Card

Perhaps your company needs birthday or holiday cards on the fly. Maybe you have gift cards to pass out to employees for their hard work, or for reaching a milestone. Maybe you create greeting cards to send out to potential customers.

The machine can perfectly fold hundreds of pages at insane speeds to produce crisp, clean cards at a moment's notice.

6. Information Sheets

Maybe you have information sheets for a presentation that need to be folded specifically for easy browsing.

For instance, the typical "Z" fold requires careful aligning of three portions of the page, folded frontwards on one side and backward on the other.

In the time it would take you to worry if the crease on your first fold is straight enough, the folding machine can work through dozens of information sheets.

Optimizing Time With a Folding Device

If you're in a business that produces a lot of physical content, then the folding machine is about as necessary as a stapler or a hole puncher. Optimize your time and money by investing in a folding machine today!

When you're ready to consider your own device, browse the products in our listings for the best options around and check out our blog for insider advice.

Need help picking out the right device? Contact us and one of our specialists will be in touch shortly!


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