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5 Theater Marketing Tips for Your Next Show

5 Theater Marketing Tips for Your Next Show

Months of hard work have led to this moment. Make sure you fill every seat in the house with these five theater marketing tips.

Regardless of the type of theater performance you're putting on, each person involved contributes a lot of time and effort into the production. You want to make sure audience turnout is as good as it can be.

This means you'll need to market your production appropriately.

However, theater marketing is a little different than other industries. It's important to use the proper tactics and target the right audience.

To help you out, we're going over five marketing tips for a successful show.

1. Send Out Mailers

It's always a good idea to keep an ongoing mailing list of theater members or people who frequently attend shows. You should always make signing up for a mailing list very easy.

Months prior to opening night, send out a mailer promoting the upcoming show. Make sure to include all relevant information like dates, times, and where to purchase tickets.

Your mailer should also look nice and have a good presentation. Consider using a paper folder to achieve this and also help cut down on labor.

2. High-Quality Programs

Every show needs a well-written, high-quality program.

Make sure you start creating yours once all the cast and other theater staff is determined. You'll want to include bios of all the main performers along with a little description of what kind of show it is.

Programs are usually something you get right before the performance, but you should consider putting them out in the lobby of the theater during the month leading up to opening night. That way people can learn a little more about it.

3. Put Up Posters

The poster has become a thing of the past for many industries and platforms. However, they're still relevant for theater productions.

Have a designer create a great looking theater poster and put it up in the lobby of the theater well in advance. This is an eye-catching way to inform the public about the show.

You should also ask local businesses if you can hang the poster up in their establishment. Coffee shops and cafes are great places to start.

4. Social Media

It's imperative you promote your show on social media to reach a larger audience.

If the theater already has their own social media presence, promote your show through their profiles. Have electronic versions of your poster created and post them.

You can also provide links where people can buy tickets and get updates from the theater.

5. Get Local Media Outlets Involved

The community needs to know about your show. Contacting local media is a great way to get extra exposure.

Consider writing a letter to the editor of the local paper asking if they'll do a small piece on the upcoming production.

This is a great way to inform the public about the show and the theater that's putting it on. Who knows - maybe you'll even get on the news.

Make Your Theater Marketing the Best it Can Be

The passion and hard work going into your theater production needs to be backed up with the best promotion possible. Make sure you take advantage of these theater marketing ideas and fill every seat in the house.

When your marketing efforts get underway, our paper folding machines can make things easier. Contact us today to learn more.


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